SEO is the Best Marketing Practice in a Recession Time

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SEO is the Best Marketing Practice in a Recession Time

Message  ricky2020 le Jeu 5 Mai - 7:49

During recession time, businesses are very careful in balancing both the business existence and as well as business growth. Many companies tighten their marketing budgets and strategies to minimize the wastage of the funds. In the process, obviously they implement cost cutting measures. But At the same time, it cannot be ignored to invest in marketing wisely to get more results for less. In these circumstances, ‘what could be the efficient way to reach out the potential customer?’ is a million dollar question for you as a business person.

Let’s see what most businessmen and analysts do. Generally, they look at various mass media vehicles to promote the marketing message, comparing them, doing cost benefit analysis etc. Here, they don’t even think about any alternative other than mass media because, they incorrectly perceive that nothing exists beyond mass media. Obviously, by making this mistake, they deliberately ignore that mass media is only successful when everything is good, when market forces are favorable and when the customer is able and has intend to buy their product. It is sensible to recognize that in a recession time or when there is no demand, mass media does not work. The cause for this is mass media focus more on targeting mass people rather than focusing on targeted people i.e. potential customers.

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