Digital Printing, How it impacted the Printing World

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Digital Printing, How it impacted the Printing World

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Printing business has been long in societal business. It has been long established in the market and has primary answers to the requirement of magazines and journal houses. These industries also see customized customers who come to the shop for personalized books, card and calendar printing. Digital printing London and offset printing has impacted the printing industries. Off-course it’s not an overnight success. This has been the result of long technological advancement in the printing industry
The first came Xerox Docutech and black toner. It competed the low end print market in a very effective way. It started giving quality printing but still most of the printer businesses did not consider it as a threat. Soon a new business model established and quick printers saw spectacular growth in early years of the inception. Now the market of Xerox Docutech became very reliable. In the initial time the machines faced early technological problems. Every now and then the machines required a technician and it was expected that the machine owner need to hire a full time technician with every machines.

With time the producer of the machines brought changes in its technology They became effective and the printing company which did not compete with technology by installing new printing device saw their business declining. The printing houses either purchased a Docutech machine or biased their business towards color printing which was not possible with Docutech printing machine. This change in the business trend brought retail business tendency and they were more customized to fulfill personal printing needs. The shops offering quick print location were overly dispersed. They started offering personal card printing solution and business card printing London.

Then came the era of color copiers, digital press and direct imaging presses. This innovation brought down the cost of printing as there were no need of expensive plates and make ready time. The files were directly sent to the machines and the outcome was immediately shown as the mock up. It was not that everything was good at it; the quality of the print was brought to question. The order didn’t come in large quantities. The printing houses were not much excited with the stuff as

• The quantity was lower
• The quality was not up to date

So there was much less to cherish in terms of low cost and quick turnaround. At the end these quick printers started to embrace.

With time the quality of the printer improved and the machines became more reliable. The retailer and franchise printers increased. Advancement in time brought much more innovation,
quality improved to a greater extent and commercial printers started grasping new found digital color. Commercial printers came up with offset and digital machines and they enhanced there service areas. And this is the present status offset and color printing dominates the printing world.

Off-course nothing is permanent, the business will change again. Time and technology has lot to say and show. Let us wait hear and watch.

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