Office Painting Catching the New Trends

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Office Painting Catching the New Trends

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A Painter and Decorator color adds lot to life. It livens up the space we reside in. The Epoxy floor painting coatings importance of color can be estimated with a sense that, it is circulating a sense and spirit of positivism in the soul and mind of a person. Choosing the right color not only livens up the context but enhances the beauty of the place.

In this epoxy wall painting article we will talk about the role of color on the professional front. Hey don’t be mistaken Color don’t play any role on professional level but the place where we spend our days and half years of our life is important. Its proximity and fell need to be checked. Generally offices are well designed by the interior designers and decorators in Delhi.

With time the taste of people change and now they even don’t hesitate in trying anything unique and different. Even from bright stripe to feminine pink all are well accepted. From conference and reception even mahogany hard accents are well in use. No matter what you choose the main thing is to create an inviting place by brightening up the space. Let’s talk about some of the trendy ideas popular these days in offices…..

Chalkboard Paint for Offices and Home: This is apt for both your office and house. It is a wonderful way to enhance the space. I would suggest it for homes because your child will find it a great time pass, Painter Contractor will be able to draw pictures and show their creativity on the walls and the Decorators in Noida best part of it is that the things written on chalkboard paint can easily be erased.

Applying process: You need to apply two coats of primer followed by chalkboard paint. For better result you can go for applying magnetic paint over chalk board paint. This will give you new angle of decoration as these magnets allows you to hang artwork and colorful magnets.

New theme Faux Picture

You are an art lover and want your office to depict your love than go for faux picture frames. Painter in Noida Paint are use to create these faux picture frames. The expert painter in Delhi will create painted frames on your bright walls.

Applying Process

These are outlined frame applied on the bright colors wall of Red or Orange. The preferred area is outlined with a masking tape and later two coat of paint is applied on it. When it dries after 24-30 hours the Painting and Decorating Agencies tape is peeled off. Your frame is ready; you can actually hang the art work on the wall of your office by the painting contractors in Delhi.


Another popular technique that are inspiring office these days are stripe trends. It looks great; the stripes are painted in bold colors.

Applying process
The existing palette or theme of the room is taken into consideration before choosing the color. Later wall of the office is tapped off as per the desired size stripe. Now it is left to dry. When it dries completely the tape is peeled off to and you get a vibrant design, just wonderful.

All these ideas are wonderful but need expertise and professionalism to implement it like Painter in Gurgaon. Try out for decorators in Gurgaon and you will enjoy the new office panorama for sure.


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