Is your Property Good for Commercial Mortgage

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Is your Property Good for Commercial Mortgage

Message  1stopprintuk le Jeu 31 Mai - 17:39

Why one should buy a commercial property? The answer is always business, property bought should suit your business needs. These factors are also considered when you are to apply for mortgage. Any commercial institution or private lenders looks into the business and also the value of property on which the loan is being taken.

Question coming in the mind of lenders

When you apply for the bridging loans or any commercial mortgage the lending company will look into several issues. Let’s know the points, better you stand on these more the chance of getting the second charge loans approved.

A lender tries to know the service areas of the company, whether it is in producing company or servicing companies.

• He will check the previous year’s record and tries to analyze the profit of the company. The growth of the company increases the chance of getting the second charge bridging loans approved
• On mortgage the financial institution will also consider property and try to find the expected success ratios, your growing potential and the ability to pay the second charge loan back.
• The location connectivity, with lands and other important mode of transportation is also considered.
• And if you go for more of a government financial institution than they will look for parking lots, arrangements for expected customers, flexibility and arrangements to deal with the growth in the next couple of years.
• Tax are also considered, how much money you need to pay for it. Will it not hamper the installments?
• The lenders also look to the nature of the business and also the past record of the location. They tries to find the chances of the business to flourish in the area, was there any business in the past, present, target audience and the availability in the area etc.

The lender may deny your application if they find any of the above points not fulfilling. Neither it should be too big nor too small. It should meet the business needs. The second charge bridging loan proper envision is made about the company including present to future. Every minor and major detail is taken into concern before transferring the cash in your account.

What is a good Commercial Property?

A good commercial property is one which has a great potential to grow. It should meet the current plan and future strategy of the land owner. The bridging loan is said successful only when one earns profit from the same.

When a lender finds that lending a bridging finance is not going to be a bad deal you will easily get the money for your better prospects. However there are some approved conditions that need to be taken care of like the borrower should have fixed and regular source of income. The money is lent on the earnings ratio. The collateral should be valuable one and last but not least, you must have a bank account. Wish you a successful transaction; it should give you better rates and wonderful commercial financing.


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